84th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
Association Viet Nam

513th Engineers (Attached)

Summer 1968
Lt Lane Hq Co, Cpt Remington Co A, Cpt McChuchan Co C, Cpt Ganter Co D, LTC Garver Btn C.O., Lt Meyers 513th, Lt Cosdon 536th,
Lt Grant 51st, Lt Andre ? "The Hill" in the background.


Fred Slater

Dale Ogden

Max Stephens

? Mike Wilder ? ?
Tam Quan

Tam Quan

Mike Wilder
Tam Quan

553rd Engineers (Attached)

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Many Yang Pass to Pleiku Apr or May 1970

509th Engr. Co PB (Attached)

Thanks to SGT Glen Cooper

The 509th Engr. Co. was a PB company (Panel Bridge) I know this because, I was a Sgt. in the 3rd Sqd. 3rd Plt. I served with the 509th from 03/66 to 03/67. The Company was split up in spring of 67, HC Plt,1st Plt, and 2nd plt. Where sent to Pkeiku, because the need our 5 ton dumps. 3rd Plt was attached to the 554th Engr Co., because our 5 ton dumps where need to support the 84th. Also the 554th had just arrived in country, and need people to train them, should I say orient them to Nam. Our moral was low, we got all of 554th, crap details. We where moved out of the new wooded buildings, back to tents, behind the MP's motor pool. The 509th built the bailey bridge (panel bridge) used by the 84th, in Operation Duke. The company suffered heavy causalities when we returned to remove the bridge. Charlie mortared the crap out of us. By the way did they ever level, that air strip out, if I remember it had a pretty good slope to it

The man on the right is SSGT Martin, my Sqd leader,
almost sure, he had a cotton top, I know the other 2
but can't remember their names.
Hell when you get old. LOL

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