84th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
Association Viet Nam

Area of Operation 4
Photos 1 through 15 provided by John Bieda of HHC. 84th. 67 - 68

Part of bunker complex above 84th base  camp


Chopper Pad..84th base camp

"Duster" firing up hill toward tank farm Photo taken from 513th (DT) area

513th Dump Truck Co. area

Ammo Dump Hwy. One, south of Phu Tai 

Buddhist temple on route 19 between QL 1 & Ane Khe

On patrol in the hills above Qui Nhon

Bunker complex, Vung Cha radar station high up on the hill      

Tank Farm, photo taken from S - 4, looking North West

3/4 ton truck on QL 1 at Phu Tai, looking South during monsoon

Looking down on 84th base camp

Cuo Mong Pass, QL 1

Survey 3/4 Ton at Ammo Dump

Survey crew at the Ammo Dump Phu Tai   

Next pictures provided by Jim Licari of HHC. 84th. 67 - 68

Front and side view of the Budiest Temple, Qui Nhon 1967 1968


Shops on Gia Long St. Qui Nhon 67/68


Typical Vietnamese home

  Truck broadcasting propaganda

Next pictures provided by Aaron Brown of B. Co. 84th  70-71
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