84th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
Association Viet Nam

The Men of D Company Operation Duke

Owens R.E.

   Owens R.E.        D Co


Richard Sharp D Co


David Lewis D Co

Tim Risher D Co

Paul Farley D Co

James F. Powers (Jimbo) allways ready for action D Co


James   Powers at his resort D Co

"Skip" Carlson...James Carpenter (KY) A Co

Kruger...SGT. Dewey on the Gunston Hall A Co

SGT. Dewey with work crew    A Co

Russ Weber with workers A Co

J. Hill  Krouger  C. Teves  A Co

"Skip" Carlson...C. Teves  A Co

The 1st. Cav. Air Mobile at LZ English Field .
"We Salute you guys"
Thanks to Jim(Jimbo) Powers of D Co. for the following photos.

The 1st. Cav. with (VC) prisoners on board

This is "Charlie" and his friends.. he is "Not" our friend                                             



The 1st.Cav. on the ground at English Field    1966

Thanks to Richard(Rabbi) Sharp of D Co.
for the following photos.






Fuel Bladders lined up along the field



The "First" C-130 to land and take off from
LZ English Field.


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